Messenger Popup

Messenger Popup Blocker Free Edition 1.3

Messenger Popup Blocker Free Edition 1.3: Blocks `messenger pop-ups` Messenger is a service that comes with Windows XP, NT, and 2000. Advertisers have taken advantage of this by sending ads over this service. Messenger Pop-up Blocker is a free program that blocks `messenger pop-ups` from appearing on your desktop. It does not block other pop-up ads while surfing the Internet. Messenger Popup Blocker does not in any way disable you from instant messaging (AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ).

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Message Shield 2.0

Message shield will block those annoying messenger popups for good. One click and your messenger popup problems are over. Does not intefer with your ability to use any messenger program.

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MSN Messenger password recovery software 5.0.1: Hotmail Password Recovery Utility recover lost or forgotten Passwords
MSN Messenger password recovery software 5.0.1

Messenger password recovery software Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery tool instantly recovers all lost and forgotten msn messengers passwords. MSN messenger forgotten password tool works when the "Remember my Password" tickbox is checked in the messenger. Tool for MSN Messenger works with all versions of MSN Messenger from 6.0 (MSN Messenger) to the newest version 9.0 (Windows Live Messenger). MSN Messenger Password Retrieval Utility is compatible

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Sureshot PopUp Killer 3.10: Kill browser, Messenger Service, GAIN and SaveNow pop-ups automatically.
Sureshot PopUp Killer 3.10

PopUp Killer will also kill the new breed of pop-ups called "Messenger Service spam". Messenger Service pop ups can spam you even when your web browser is closed. The popup blocker will also recognize and kill hostile activeX controls from companies known to develop spyware or adware, such as Gator, GAIN, C2, Comet Systems, Cydoor, Marketscore etc. The banner ads in ICQ pro 2003 and MSN Messenger 4.6-5.0 are also removed. An unique Sureshot PopUp

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Handy Popup Messenger for LAN communication, uses the standard messaging system built into Windows

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Messenger Spam Block 1.0

messenger spam pop-ups from appearing on your computer, we developed a small free utility: Messenger Spam Filter. Windows, by default, leaves the messaging service active upon installation. Once deactivated, the messenger spam can no longer invade your system or your privacy. Messenger Spam Filter allows temporarily deactivating or permanently disabling the Messenger service, Messenger Spam Filter temporarily deactivates or permanently disables the

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GL-AD Popup Terminator 1.81: Kill those annoying Ad Popup Windows with this intelligent popup killer.
GL-AD Popup Terminator 1.81

popup windows should not be killed, disable/enable ad popup killer, disable/enable tray icon, or even return Internet Explorer context-menu to its original settings. Get this smart popup killer and surf without pesky popup ad now! Some Features: - Automatically runs and kills popup when you start Internet Explorer. - Messenger popup blocker integrated.[For Windows 2000/XP] - Prevent modeless dialog popup, a new breed of ad popup. - Takes up minimal

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